CNG-Powered Vehicle (NGV) and Fueling System Solutions

FITOK Fast-fill Ball Valve for CNG Filling Station

New ‘fast fill’ 3-way ball valve

High-cycle life


Part Number: BFSS-FNS4-P-3DL-LT

Max. Working Pressure: 6000psig (414bar)

Working Temperature: -40~200℉ (-40~93℃)

Better external sealing performance by using Hard sealing design for the port connections.  
Higher cycle life by using PEEK seats, Low temp. NBR O-rings and a special vent orifice Ease of actuation by “L” pattern flow path.  


FITOK Tube Fittings and Valves ECE R110 Compliant

FITOK offers a full range of fittings and components that are designed to be compatible with Compressed Nature Gas technology and applications, such as CNG-powered passenger cars, NGV busses & trucks, CNG filling stations including CNG compressors. Below products are tested and certified per ECE R110 standard.

•  6 Series Tube Fittings

The FITOK tube fittings provide gas-tight sealing performance in critical applications. It is a reliable connection, with fast installation and no special tools required. Additional advantages include relatively stable performance of installation torque and excellent repeated reassembly performance.

•  BF Series Ball Valves (-R110)
   Trunnion ball valves, with ultralow-temperature fluorocarbon material provide sealing capability over the full temperature range -40°F to 248°F (-40°C to 120°C).

•  BU Series Ball Valves (-R110)

Working temperature: -40 to 248°F ( -40 to 120°C)
High flow-CV value from 4.0 to 13.8
Bi-directional flow
All components contact with medium are designed to be compatible with hydrogen or CNG


•  CH Series Check Valves (-R110)

Working temperature: -40 to 248°F ( -40 to 120°C)
Cracking pressure: 1/3 to 25 psig (0.02 to 1.7 bar)
Seat ring continuously cleaned by media, avoiding secondary pollution


•  FT Series Filters (-R110)
FT Series Filters are available in a range of filter sizes with a choice of sintered and strainer elements replaceable without removing the body from the system.
Working temperature: -40 to 248°F ( -40 to 120°C)

To order ECE R110 certified valves and filters, please add -R110 to the product ordering number.

Please contact us directly online or contact your nearest authorized distributor for more details!
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