Sampling System Software
FITOK Sampling System Software
Edition: FTK902800
Update date: 02/06/2019

This software is designed to aid in your understanding of FITOK Sampling Systems and how to easily select a system for your specifications. It is programmed to operate on Microsoft Windows OS.


  • Run the software without installing the program to your device
  • Content is available for offline viewing
  • User-friendly interface and easy operation 

Product Introduction

  • 2 Types, 8 Series, and 41 Different Designs
  • Sampling systems for liquids, liquefied gases and gases
  • P&ID drawing and PDF format catalog available operation 
  • Video to show sampling process

FITOK Sampling Systems Software


FITOK Sampling Systems Software


Application Questionnaire for Selection

Fill your requirements including sample/fluid name and composition, temperature, pressure and materials in Application Questionnaire for Selection of FITOK Sampling Systems. Send it to us by email in PDF format, and our professional engineers will contact you to provide an accurate Sampling Systems Solution.


FITOK Sampling Systems Software


Other Resources

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Video of Operation Instruction for FITOK Bottle Configuration Sampling System
Video of Operation Instruction for FITOK Cylinder Configuration Sampling System


For more information, please leave us a message , and we have always been ready to support.

If you have specific demand for our Sampling Systems, you can also fill in the Sampling Systems Application Questionnaire and send it to us, we have always been ready to solve complex problems for you.

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